This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

what to do

Well, It didn't work and I'm trying to decide if I've made a terrible mistake in asking my husband for a dd relationship.  He hasn't touched me period (spanking or sexual) since the belt scratching incident.  There is a distance that I don't know how to bridge except for being patient and waiting for him to come to me to talk about it. Maybe I have asked to much of him.  Anyway, I'll let you know if anything develops.


  1. I think this is very common early on in dd relationships. I know my hubby was very reluctant in the beginning, especially when he left marks. You could try talking to him, asking what's bothering him and assuring him that it looked worse than it was. I'm sure he's just concerned with actually hurting you. As frustrating as it can be, this is a good thing. Eventually he will grow more and more comfortable in his role but it does take time. You may have to ask for the next one. Things will get better. Chin up girly :)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement.