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Thursday, March 31, 2011

spanking it is

When I decided to approach Steve that I wanted to have a dd relationship, we did a lot of talking about what we wanted.  Since I had read a lot of blogs, articles, and even a couple of e-books, I was able to lay out quite a few options - some I liked, some I didn't, but I wanted it to be his decision. 

From the very beginning it was clear that spanking was going to be the discipline method of choice, which was fine with me.  We both consider spanking to be an adult activity only. We don't spank our children.  We use all of the typical parental options - go to your room, removing privileges, grounding, etc.  Steve made it clear that he was not interested in using any disciplinary techniques on me that we use for the children.  "Your my wife, not my child.  It would be a real turn-off for me to do that."  Now please keep in mind that is NOT a criticism of couples who do use those types of punishments.  We firmly believe to each his own. We've only actively been at this for about six weeks, so who knows what roads we will end up traveling. For right now though, we are focusing on what we consider adult punishment.

After the whole Rock Band profanity episode, a blog friend e-mailed me the suggestion that Steve should make me wear a butt plug while we're playing as a "silent, hidden, but continuous" reminder to watch my mouth.  Much to my chagrin, Steve really liked the idea and has been rolling around other times when this technique might be useful.  We've never used them for anything but for very short-term fun in the bedroom. Mercifully there hasn't been any opportunity as of yet for him to try it out.  I'm hoping for now that if I do something wrong Steve will say, "a spanking it is."   

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