This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Top Ten

I've gotten enough spankings at this point that I definitely have some favorites.  So I decided to make a top ten list.  I have also included a link to the post if it was one that I blogged about.

1. The Date Night Spanking - I get incredibly aroused every time I think about it. Read about it here: public adventure

2. The Office Spanking after Steve read a post - This one is a favorite because of the level of emotions and the severity.  Read about it here: don't let him read!

3. The First Punishment Spanking that I Cried - Read about it here: punishment firsts

4. The Shed Spanking - This one was a delicious surprise. Read about it here: what would you do?

5. The Punishment Spanking that Wasn't - Steve's belt strokes were so perfect. It gave me an incredible combination of pain and pleasure.  The pleasure was unintended. Read about it here: normal together 

6. My First Good Girl Spanking that Involved "Real Spanking" with an Implement - Read about it here: I love good spankings! 

7. The First Spanking that DD Felt Real - Read about it here: a significant moment

8. The Meeting Drive-by - Steve and I were in a very stressful meeting with a vendor. When the vendor excused himself to use the restroom, Steve closed the door after him, strode over to me and without a word pushed me over the desk, lifted my skirt and gave me six really hard swats with his hand.  It was the stress reliever we both needed to make it through the rest of the meeting.  It made us pretty horny too. 

9. My First OTK and Broken Implement - Read about it here: oh the profanity!

10. Very First Adult Spanking I Ever Got - It was several years ago, long before we started dd.  It was during sex, and it was the first time Steve ever did more than the occasional "drive-by" swat.  He just gave me a couple of hard swats with his hand, but I got incredibly excited and asked him to do it some more. He continued to spank me with his hand throughout the rest of our love making.  It is special to me because it awoke my spanko desires.


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