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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I was wondering...

We have been batting around some ideas about where to go next in terms of behavior goals for me.  Steve has indicated that he will be adding a no procrastinating rule. I can't "wait" for that one. ;) 

The next thing I would like his help with is getting my weight down.  One of the medications I have to take sometimes causes rapid weight gain. Some of it goes away on its own once I am off of it again, but some of it stays.  I have to actively work to take the remainder off.  Over the last couple of years, I have lost my motivation to lose those extra pounds, and it has really added up to significant weight gain. The positive thing is that now that we have been using dd to reinforce my taking my maintenance medication the way I should, I am very hopeful that the need for this other medication will drop making my weight loss more permanent. 

I know from reading others' blogs that using spanking to encourage weight loss is often done.  I was wondering what suggestions you all might have in terms of the types of rules that might be beneficial to this goal beyond the obvious... losing weight at the weekly weigh-in.  Have you had any rules that seems to increase your success with weight loss?   


  1. I know that people do it, but I have always been reluctant to take that on. For one thing, I'm not comfortable taking on the responsibility of determining what another person should eat or when. The parameters of nutrition are hard enough for a person to get right for themselves.

    However, there are certain related goals that I think can be very helpful. One of these is to be truthful and upfront about eating. I will not permit my sub to hide eating or food.

    Also, sometimes people have problems where they feel they are eating too much or the wrong things. I have, in the past, required my submissive to tell me if she feels like she's going off her food plan. I won't stop her from eating what she wants or as much as she wants, but she has to let me know if she's not going to live up to what she says she wants. This gives her the option to rethink it. It also means that she's not making these decisions purely on her own.

    I have also required at times that she keep up her exercise regimen. Keeping up energy use is just as important as restricting intake.

    I suppose that requiring the girl to have a food plan in the first place would be another point where a dom could help her.

    Actually losing weight in a healthy way is a very complex thing. So, I think that doing it is the sub's responsibility. What I want to do as a dom is to support her taking the steps she wants to take. Also, I want her to own the results. This helps reinforce good behavior.

    So, I'm cautious in my approach. I hope that helps you out.

  2. Rich - Thank you for your feedback; it is always helpful. I have always been successful in the past, but have gotten really discouraged over the last couple of years. I just really felt like I needed some "external" motivation to get me back on track. We just started with some very basic rules (that he had me choose) to help me get back on track. I'm hoping by the time we are ready to up the ante others will have offered some more feedback as well.

  3. It's a tough one to tackle. I hope you get others to offer something, too. I know from working with the girls in my life that it's very individual and tricky. Wish you the best!