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roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Monday, March 14, 2011

in case you were curious

In case you were curious.... yes, we had some unbelievably fabulous sex at 2:30am.  I teased Steve that I might have a spanking fettish, but he was a 2:30am fettish.  "Are you complaining? Would you rather me not wake you up?"  "You can wake me up every night at 2:30 if you can keep delivering."  "Deal."

Also, in case you were curious about the state of my bottom after getting two really hard spankings yesterday, rest assured my bottom is fine.  Steve inspected it for me this morning at about 10am.  "Dang!"  "What?!"  "Except for a couple of small bruises on the edge of your right butt cheek, there is absolutely no evidence that I tore your bottom up twice yesterday.  You must have an iron butt. How does it feel?"  "Well, except for a couple of spots that are a little sore if I press on them, which I am assuming are the bruised spots, it feels fine. The burning sensation left after a few hours."  "And to think I was worried." "Is that why you had me stand in the closet for 10 minutes instead of the 10 swats this morning?"  "Yeh, I just couldn't bring myself to spank you for even a reminder spanking, after spanking you twice yesterday."  "If it is any consolation, I thought it was effective, particularly when you just ordered me to do it without an explanation of why that instead of a spanking and just expected me to obey."  "I guess we'll see how effective it really is at the end of the day."  "True."

So if your really curious.... it is 10:00pm and I haven't done anything to earn a spanking. As long as I can keep it together for two more hours it will be a spanking free day!


  1. I have been told I have an Iron butt also! I have busted 3 paddles :o) one was a ping pong paddle, the next one was a small thin plastic paddle and then the third was an acrylic one that was about a centimeter thick with 8 holes in it! (The handle snapped off the acrylic one) I hope you made it through the rest of the night!

    Lil' Heaven

  2. Goodness! Yes, I did make it. Thanks :)