This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Steve's Implements

The Lexan Paddle - Steve usually uses this one for punishment only.  It really hurts when he swings it. Sometimes if I am really out-of-sorts, he'll use it for maintenance.  We purchased this exact paddle from

OTK Leather Strap - Steve uses this one for reminder and maintenance spankings. Ours is from a different vendor, but is very similar to the one in this picture from

Longer Leather Strap - Steve uses this one occasionally usually for punishment or intense maintenance.  Ours is from a different vendor but is very similar to the one pictured here from

The Wooden Spoon - I hate the wooden spoon.  Steve uses it all the time, for almost every spanking.  The picture is from , but ours was already in our kitchen drawer.  It is identical in shape and form.  It is one of the first implements he used.

 The OTK Cane - This is the cane Steve uses 95% of the time when he decides to use a cane.  He prefers implements that he has a lot of control over where it lands.  He uses this for play, maintenance, and punishment.  He can make it sting, burn, or OMG that hurt! We got this exact cane from
The Long Cane - Steve uses this on rare occasions.  After trying it out, he did not like the distance that it put between him and me. He also didn't feel it had much versatility until he discovered it would easily reach my behind while I was busy going down on him. Since then he has used it a couple of times gently for play. Even gently it stings!  We got this exact cane from

The Loopy Johnny - This is our latest acquisition.  We both like it because it is quiet, but it stings like crazy!  Depending on the speed Steve uses, it can work for maintenance or punishment.  Steve gave me one "sample" punishment swing.  Let me just say I hope I don't ever have to experience an actual punishment spanking with it.  We purchased this exact implement from The London Tanners

We have several more including a ping-pong paddle, a couple of wooden paddles, and his belt.  I will post pictures of those when I get a chance.     


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