This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oh the profanity!

It had been over a week since I had a punishment spanking.  I was starting to gloat over how well I was doing.  Ah, but pride doth come before a fall.  Want to take a guess at what did it?  No, not missing medication although that would be a good guess.  It was profanity.  A look at the rules/punishment tally page will clearly show that this is the #1 reason I get punishment.

It actually happened late on Monday night... I had a profanity punctuated tantrum in front of my husband and our adult daughter.  I am so embarrassed to tell you what it was over.  It was incredibly stupid.  Are you ready? It was over the video game Rock Band.  Yes, really.  A forty year old woman with two degrees, her own business, four children and a husband, had a temper tantrum complete with expletives over a video game.  Actually I am almost just as embarrassed to tell you that I play Rock Band period.  My husband and C really enjoy it, and it is a fun thing for the three of us to do together, so I play.  I always play base and alternate between medium and hard depending on the song.  Metallica songs always kick my butt, so for everyone's sake I play them on medium.  I was actually doing superbly on one that usually gets me even on medium, and we were almost at the end of the song when it happened.  There was a glitch and it knocked us out of the game.  Immediately the profanity flew out of my mouth, out of its own volition.  I had absolutely no control over it.  Really!  C looked at me and said, "It's ok mom, you'll get it next time. It has been a long time since I've heard you use language like that!"  "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.  That was just so frustrating!!"  Steve reached over and gently patted me on my bottom and said, "Let's do a couple more because no one wants to go out like that.  After that I think we should all go to bed.  It's late and we all have to be up early."  We enjoyed three more and then called it a night.

As Steve and I were taking a shower I could feel him looking at me, but not in the sexy way.  "Why are you looking at me like that?"  "I'm trying to figure out when and how I'm going to punish you for that outburst."  "Oh, yeah."  "I'm really tired right now, and I know you are too.  I know we won't have time in the morning except for a quick reminder spanking, so I guess it will have to be tomorrow night after the troop has gone to bed."  I just nodded.

Last night came and we were in our bedroom.  He sat on the edge of the bed and had me lay over his left knee with my upper body on the bed.  He then wrapped his left arm tightly around my body and trapped my legs between his.  This was a first.  I am normally over his lap on our big stuffed chair.  "Oh, I like this.  I feel really secure."  "Good."  I liked it until he started spanking me anyway.  Then I realized that I couldn't move period. It made the spanking hurt that much worse.  I didn't realize how much of a distraction the leg kicking and wiggling had provided.  All I could do is pop up on my hands.  Steve quickly forced me back down with the weight of his left arm.  I didn't cry, but it really hurt.  He started with his hand as always and moved on to the slotted spoon.  It broke...that is our first broken implement.  "Your iron butt broke my spoon."  "I'm sorry," I giggled.  "Oh, you think it's funny?  Well, I'm starting over with the regular wooden spoon."  "Nooooooooooo!"  "Yeeeeeeessssssssss."  Man, oh, man did that hurt.  He rubbed my bottom for a while after that and said, "I don't want to move you out of this position so I'm going to use the paddle. Count it out until I decide I'm satisfied." He only gave me thirty swats, but I was so ready to get up off his knee.  "I took it kind of easy because it has been a while, but your reminder spanking is going to be a bit harder and longer in the morning to make up for it."  I nodded.  "Come get in bed and snuggle with me."   I love the snuggling afterwards.

This morning he put me back in that position and gave me a hard hand spanking and then followed it with the wooden spoon.  "Remember to be good today!"  "I will."  "I love you."  "I love you too."

Oh, profanity, will thou please stay away from me?! :)


  1. The tongue is such an "unruly" member of the body!! lol Speech habits are so HARD to break!! What you said just "slipped out." Really UNINTENTIONAL!! I wish you WELL on breaking this habit; this will force you to think before emotionally responding too quickly!!

    Wishing you the best! Bob.

  2. Oh boy, I have gotten it for that too. The odd thing is that I never swore before we started dd. It seems to bring out the tiger in me at times. Good luck on Rock

  3. Unfortunately, I have been using profanity for a long, long time. I have gotten better, but it is still a daily battle to control it. We've been trying to think about some ways to remind me to think before I respond.