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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love "good" spankings!

I don't think I really appreciated how great a good fun spanking is until we started doing serious punishment spankings.  Because I have had two good days since all that spanking on Sunday, Steve promised me a fun spanking tonight.  I got home from grocery shopping...

"Kids asleep already? It's really quiet.  "That's because I dropped them off at my mom and dad's after practice. They are spending the night and dad is taking them to school in the morning."  "Where is C?"  "Staying over at G's house, so that they can carpool to the internship day."  "So we have the whole house to ourselves?"  "Yep, so let me help you get the groceries put away so we can have some fun." 

The fun started in the kitchen with him stripping me down to my panties, then he instructed me to take off my panties.  He really likes watching me do it, and I feel really submissive taking off my panties for him. He began hand spanking me in the kitchen, but then fairly quickly we moved to the couch in the living room so I could lay across his lap.  He gave me lots of hard stinging slaps with lots of rubbing in between and his fingers wandering many times.  "We need to move this to the bedroom."  After he had stripped down and stretched out on the bed, he ordered me to go down on him.  I gladly obliged.  He had me position myself so that he could still freely spank my bottom while I was at it.  I always enjoy this because I know it will continue to be "stingy" instead of painful, because well he wouldn't want me to bite down by accident now would he?  I used to think the ultimate for him was me doing that while he's playing video games, but this has become a semi-regular event.  He really seems to get off on spanking me while I am satisfying him. When all that was done he said, "I have a surprise."  He produced three long 1/8" diameter wood dowels.  "I found these in the supply closet in the office. I know we have talked about switches and these are pretty whippy and flexible. I thought we might try them."  "I'm've got me warmed up nicely."  I bent over the bed and he proceed with light to medium force spanking me with one, then two, and then all three... really nice burning sensation.  He would give me some hand swats in between which created a unique pain feeling I haven't experienced before.  He ordered me to touch myself while all of this was going on.  I was incredibly aroused so it didn't take long for me to turn into a quivering, writhing mess with satisfaction almost immediately following. 

We were both surprised by how quiet the dowel "switches" were.  When the fun spanking was over, I told him I wanted to experiment a little more with the switches in terms of punishment.  I asked him to apply the kind of force he would use if it were punishment.  I wanted to see if we could possibly use them when the kids were home, and he needed to get my attention without having to walk over to the office.  I resumed my position bent over the bed, but this time put a pillow under my face so I could stifle myself if necessary.  Obviously with the kids not home I could have screamed my head of if I wanted to, but I wanted to see how many I could take while keeping quiet.  When the switch came down this time it wasn't just a burning sensation, it was a line of hot fire across my bottom. I popped up out of position, but managed to stay quiet.   I managed to take 10 strokes before I couldn't maintain the quiet. It left a lovely pattern of red welts across my bottom.  I was also concerned I might have emotional issues with it because switches were often my father's abusive weapon of choice.  In the hands of my Steve, though, I felt no anxiety, so I am pleased and relieved.  We will add these to the arsenal for the time being. 

It was a lovely, lovely evening and a great reward.

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