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roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Monday, April 4, 2011

the tools for the job

It has been a really busy weekend, but we've managed to fit in a couple of spankings with the new implements.  Wow!!! What a difference it makes when you have the right tools for the job!  I have only received maintenance spankings with them, and I can tell you for the first time ever... I really don't want a punishment spanking.  What we got in was an OTK leather strap, a longer leather strap, a small acrylic paddle, a small and thick plastic paddle with holes, and a short cane.  Steve had expressed a preference for the smaller and shorter implements because he feels like he has more control, so most of the items we picked fell into that category. We've tried them all out and holy crap they all hurt so much more than what we had been using.  Which leads to today...

I have cried during spankings, but I have never actually asked him to stop before today. I was under a tremendous amount of stress to the point that I was not functioning, and I had conveyed to Steve that I really couldn't wait until tonight for maintenance.  We headed over to the house at lunch and he put me over his knee. He gave me the hand warm-up, and then he used the wood spatula with a hole in the middle.  I was seriously tense and he could tell he needed to do more so he broke out the small leather strap.  He grabbed me firmly around my waist and went to town.  It didn't take long for me to try to wiggle away, and start squealing when I couldn't.  Then the words came out of my mouth.  "Please, please, stop"  He just kept going.  I had a moment of panic because he didn't, which surprised me because I had never asked him to stop before.  "Come on, please stop, this isn't supposed to be punishment."  "I know it's not, but you have been in such a bad state since you got home, I think you need it." He kept going until I went limp. I didn't start crying until he stopped, and I didn't cry long, but I felt the tension flow right out of my body.  I hugged him intensely and thanked him because he was right. "Ok, so I was right, I shouldn't stop if I don't think I should just because you said stop? I hesitated, but I assumed you would use your safe word if it was really going too far. That was ok right?"  "You did it just right, babe, thank you so much.  I feel so much better now."  I love this man so much, he is working so hard to make this work.  How did I get to be this blessed?

Now I'm hoping I can avoid punishment, because he definately has the tools and the will for the job!

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