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and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rock Band will never be the same

I have blogged about my struggle with profanity in connection with the video game Rock Band.  Well, we decided to play some last night.  Steve pulled me over to the corner and whispered, "Do we need to take the preventative measures we discussed?"  He was referring to using a butt plug.  I quickly shook my head no. 

A couple of songs in though, the D word came out of my mouth.  The look in Steve's eyes was clear. As soon as the song ended Steve paused the game and told our adult daughter and boyfriend to wait a minute he really needed to use the restroom.  He promptly headed for our bedroom.  I waited about 45 seconds and said, "Dang it, the power of suggestion, now I need to go too."  They laughed and I headed to the bedroom as well.

He had wasted no time - when I stepped into the room he was standing there waiting with butt plug and lube.  "I knew we should have done this from the beginning, but lets see if we can keep the spanking you're going to get to a minimum. Bend over right now."   I quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and let him put it in.  I had to add a panty liner to keep leaking lube from coming through my panties and pants.  I ended up wearing it for about an hour and a half.  It was uncomfortable but not painful in anyway.  I think most of my discomfort came from just being aware that it was there. I was seriously embarrassed by it even though Steve and I were the only ones who knew it was there.  It did the job though.  The constant pressure made me very aware to watch my mouth and no more profanity slipped out.  It did hurt a little when Steve went to take it out, but it only lasted a few seconds. I then received 6 strokes of the small cane for the one slip-up, which set my bottom on fire, and that lasted more than a few seconds.  

We were snuggled up in bed and discussed the evening's events.  "Well that seemed to work for you.  I didn't hear any more profanity after I put it in.  Next time we will do it from the get go.  How do you feel about it?"  "It was incredibly embarrassing, but it didn't hurt me in anyway, and I don't like the cane at all, so I guess we should try it again."  "Ok, then we have a plan.  I love you."  "I love you too."

Rock Band will never be the same for me again.  The crazy thing is I'm not sure whether I am sad or not.  It sure seems crazy! :)



  1. I wonder if your daughter and her bf were deceived by your excuses? I suspect that they suspected something ... What do you think?

  2. I think I would take a "rest" on Rock Band for awhile if I were you because it has too many "beats." Maybe something a little less "musical." At least your voice would get a rest from changing "pitches" so often from being over someone's knees!! LOL

    Sorry, I know this is a corny post, but I couldn't resist! lol

    I enjoy your blog! Thanks!


  3. Malcolm - No, my daughter has no clue as to our dd relationship. If she thought anything she would think I went to mess around with him, but honestly I'm pretty sure she genuinely thought I had to pee too because I pee a lot if I'm drinking soda.

    Bob - LOL, I'm glad you like it. I debated about posting about it because it is pretty personal, but since my primary purpose for the blog is to record my experiences for myself I decided to do so. I'm hoping it doesn't offend anyone.

  4. That sounds like an interesting evening. Wearing a constant reminder would be a great incentive to be on your best behaviour.


  5. Hermione - It did seem very effective. I'm not sure whether I am happy about it or not. Steve had already been bouncing around other times when it would be an effective preventative measure. I'm sure now that there has been some success he'll follow through with it in other scenarios. It is one of those weird situations where I really like it and really hate it at the same time.