This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a significant moment

There are times in any journey that you can look back on and say yes that was a turning point or a significant moment.

Last night will probably be one of those times when I look back on our dd journey years from now.

We talked for a long time prior to my punishment spanking.  We explored our lunchtime conversation in a lot more detail.  Stormy's comment on the last post that Steve is a natural or catches on really quickly was spot on. I have been blown away by the speed in which Steve has developed as our HoH.  There was nothing in the previous 15 years that made me think I should expect that.  It has left me off balance.  What I expected was a lot more time to relinquish control. He was actually genuinely surprised that I thought that he was doing that well.  Bless his heart.  I have been in control far too long.

I could tell once the spanking started that he had put a lot of time into thinking about what exactly was going to happen and why.  He lectured me and asked questions in a much more serious and direct way. It felt real versus him acting out a part. I was spanked hard and long with his hand, the wooden spoon, and strap. He then sent me for some corner time. I was thinking to myself that it hadn't been that bad, but then he said, "Ok, come on back over so that we can do the punishment part."   "That wasn't it?" "No, that was the warm up for your minor rule infractions.  Now I'm going to deal with the disrespect and dangerous behavior."    He had the cane and the lexan paddle in his hand.  I received 20 strokes of the cane.  Ten were of medium strength and they hurt, but the last ten were much more severe and really hurt.  He gave me several minutes then I had to bend back over for the lexan.  I received 30 strokes with it alternating from cheek to cheek and the third in the bottom middle. I didn't cry, but I felt punished when we were done.  I have a couple of small bruises from the cane, but otherwise I am fine. 

Last night earns its significance not because of the spanking itself (although, as promised, it was the hardest), but because I think for both of us it cemented in concrete that this was a new reality for us. Not merely some sexual kink, or role-playing, but a true life change in how we are going to manage our marriage and home.  We were a very happy couple before, but I can now see us staying that way for the remainder of the time we are blessed to live on earth together.


  1. "We were a very happy couple before, but I can now see us staying that way for the remainder of the time we are blessed to live on earth together."

    What a wonderful testament to what bringing order into a relationship can mean. Obviously, you are making changes that work for the two of you. I think that's just awesome! Sara

  2. It is a true life change...and what a great place to be for both of you!

  3. I agree with what they said up there. :) You are one brave lady, JW, to start a totally new lifestyle, and I'm so happy to see you being rewarded for your bravery.

  4. JW wow girl! Another bionic butt! I would have been crying my eyes out. I'm kind of like Stormy. She always says she's a baby. I think I am too.

    Good for you guys though. I love that he is such a take-charge guy in this. It's a fantastic dynamic.

    We too had a good marriage and only hope that this brings even more harmony for the remainder of our time here. So I get it. It was just an extra balance check.

  5. JW~ I'm so happy for you! This is a huge step and isn't it great when we can see our husbands grow into their natural roles? I too was a little surprised how quickly Craig caught on to his new role!

    Its funny how we think of these punishment memories as milestones, but that is exactly what they are and you will probably will remember this for the rest of your life! I guess that is the point right? They want the punishments to be memorable! :-)

  6. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. Kelly, I think Heather still has the most bionic bottom on the block. ;)