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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I am spam

Oh I am so frustrated!!! Bonnie (My Bottom Smarts blog) made me aware a little while back that my comments to her were going to spam for some reason and that she had found them.  After that I started noticing that on almost any blog I commented on my comment would disappear when I moved away from the page.  I have tried everything I can think of to prevent it from happening but it still is.  For all of you out there who have taken the time to read my blog and offer great comments, please don't think that I am not taking the time to read yours.  I do read others' blogs and have offered appreciative comments here and there, but apparently to the google and internet world, I am SPAM!!!  If anyone knows of a solution please let me know cause google people haven't been much help.  I don't get it.  I have a google account and it happens most frequently to blogs set up on blogger!!!!!  Urrrr.  Anyway, since I can't tell you on your blog, I'm going to tell you on mine.  I love your blogs and enjoy reading them almost every day.  Thanks for being such great inspirations!  :)


  1. Er, um, you were my first (and only) spam comment. But as soon as I saw you there, I clicked the "not spam" button! I'm sorry I'm not computer savvy enough to help. :(

  2. Many spam filters are "overly sensitive", especially for people they don't know. I wouldn't assume that you are being singled out.

    Most filters work by looking for specific words that the receiver is likely to find offensive. If you are sending mail to someone you haven't contacted before, you might want to send a vanilla message to establish contact first. They can whitelist you so that your subsequent messages go through.

    You are welcome to send me e-mail and I'll let you know if it came through without trouble. You'll have to post a comment here after you send it; otherwise I won't know if you tried. I don't have a blog so you can only reach me by e-mail.

    E-mail is an imperfect medium. The servers don't know for sure who you are and they have to guess. That's why social networking is popular. It's much easier to verify that the person on the other end is a real person and hold them accountable for how they treat others.

  3. I look through my spam nowadays even though there are 400 messages a day there. I look carefully but I may have missed something and I don't know what email address to put in my address book. You did email me once and I put that address in, so maybe that's enough

  4. Your comments go under spam on my blog, as well. I get email notifications when I get comments, so I can tell when you've commented and I always check my spam folder and "unspam" them so they show up on my blog. I don't have any advice, unfortunately, but I know you're reading and commenting on my blog and I appreciate it! :D

  5. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support. Hopefully, I'll have a solution soon. It is weird because it appears to only occur with comments as opposed to direct e-mail. Ahhh technology! :)