This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

when perfection ends

All has been quiet on the western frontier, but as we all know, perfection can't last forever, no matter how much we wish it would.  Even in the most perfect of circumstances, perfection fails us.  For example...

Last night not only did I have some transition time, but I had the house completely to myself for several hours (that's incredibly rare).  The children were all spending the night at their friends' respective homes.  Steve went over to a friend's house to help him put together some furniture. 

Before he left he said, "We're going to have some fun when I get home. I'm going to take advantage of being able to spank you and make love to you anywhere in the house I want."  

"Yeh, right."

"Why are you saying it like that."

"Because you know darn good and well that you will end up staying over there longer than you intend.  It will be late when you get home and one or both of us will be too tired to do anything."

"Not this time."

"We'll see."

He kissed me in a demanding and urgent kind of way and headed out the door.

I was asleep on the couch when he got home at one in the morning, an hour and a half later than he told me he would be.  I woke up as he was coming through the door.

"Told you," were the first words out of my mouth.

"It did take longer than I thought it would, but I'm not too tired to bend you over the couch to heat up your bottom and then have my way with you, and you clearly have been sleeping so I'm sure you can manage it as well, right?"

"Yeh, I guess."  It was not the friendliest of tones.

"Your attitude is starting to irritate me.  You'd better go strip before I decide to dole out some punishment."

"Whatever."  Yes, that included some serious eyeball rolling.

Now don't ask me why I was having an attitude issue.  I'm not sure what was wrong with me.  I think that because this is still all relatively new to us that I sometimes forget too quickly that Steve is perfectly capable now of truly punishing me.  

I came back out to the living room naked to find Steve standing there with the lexan paddle and loopy johnny in his hands.  I knew instantly that I was in serious trouble.

"I'm not sure what your problem is, but I'm fixing it right now.  Bend over the arm of the couch now."

He wore me out with the lexan paddle.  I don't know how many times it was because I was too busy crying and yelling "owwww" to count.  

"So, do you think it is 'whatever' now?  Do you agree I am up to the task of punishing you when it is needed?"

"Ye......e.........s," said I with tears and snot on my face and hiccuping all the while.

"Well I'm going to give you ten with the loopy johnny to be sure." 

My only saving grace is that our loopy johnny is leather as opposed to rubber, otherwise I think I would have been loud enough for the neighbors that are almost a kilometer away to have heard me.  The implement itself may be quiet, but I sure wasn't!

As soon as he was done, he sat on the couch and had me sit snuggled up next to him.  He rubbed my back until I stopped crying and was able to breathe with making shuttering noises.  

He turned to me and embraced my face with both of his hands.  After kissing me tenderly, he asked, "I really would like to get back to the original plan of making love to you anywhere besides the bedroom. Are you okay with that?"

I smiled and nodded and..... well the rest I'm going to keep to myself.  Let's just say that I have a smile on my face that will probably be there for days. 

Who needs perfection anyway? ;) 


  1. sounds like you were well and truly punished last night - just like me - i was at that tears and snotty and hiccuping and not able to talk properly stage too.
    Afterwards he just held me from behind, stroking my hair and rocking me and asking if i was ok. Then when i finally said i was he just said good you deserved it.
    Boy oh boy i panic when he doestn step up but when he does he sure does.
    I am so curious about a loopy johnny. We dont have one. But we have the cane :( and he found his own implement last night too - a fibreglass rod about the same thickness as net curtain wire still very swipey but much harder than the wire. OMG it hurt - i could only take one lash of it.

  2. JW, You know...I will preface this with saying I am pretty hormonal right now. And, I am not allowed to say "whatever" either...BUT, I would have been upset too. I wonder what your husband would have thought if you said, "You know, I AM upset. We all make our choices. We rarely have the house to ourselves, and you made a choice to spend the evening, until 1 in the morning, with someone else instead of me. And, you said you wouldn't. I wonder how you would you feel if I made that same choice? Right now, I am feeling like 2nd string, not your 1st priority."

    But, that's me...I say what I feel when I think I deserve better from my husband, or if I feel hurt or angry for a good reason. It works a lot better than "Whatever".

  3. JW,

    I have a husband like yours...full of the best intentions, but real life gets in the way. It seems like something else always pops up.


  4. Thanks God I'm a little too old for "Whatever" to come naturally to my tongue. It would really be a bad move. I think a discussion would have been better, but I've been in that situation and couldn't bring myself to talk rationally - I ended up crying and blaming him. Not my best moment.

  5. I would have been upset too - I hate it when Z tells me he is going to be home at a certain time and isn't - we both have agreed to let eachother know when we are going to be late.

  6. I would have been upset too. We have a deal- if he wants to spend the evening together, fine. Catch me before I get busy or interested in something else but don't expect to snap your fingers when YOU are ready..well that's what I tried to tell him. And it has (mostly) sunk in. I would have been not "in the mood" either in your scenario.

  7. The real issue was me not taking him seriously. That's why he was irritated. And honestly I think I was just pushing the envelope to see what he would do. When we started this lifestyle, it took him a while to get to the point where he was actually spanking me hard enough that I would feel punished. It seemed like playing for the longest. I slip pretty easily into a "whatever" attitude. In defense of him as well, when he agreed to help his friend with the furniture we did not yet know that all the children were going to be out of the house. He offered to cancel, but I am a big believer in keep my word. I knew he would be later because he always underestimates how long something will take. Besides I think I've been good for so long that I was wanting a good bottom burner!