This is the journey of one control freak wife and one gentle spirited husband as they seek to balance their

roles in their home
and bring an extra measure of joy to their already happy marriage.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the strange and unusual

There were things that I expected from Steve on this journey, but one has surprised me completely.... his quest to find new, strange, and unusual things to spank me with.  

No, I'm not talking about just new kinds of paddles or straps.  He checks out anything long and thin, or anything with any kind of flat surface to see if it has spanking potential. 

He's taken a 12" hot glue gun stick to my behind. That stung. Then there was the dog leash. That was a flop (literally and figuratively). The most recent was my keychain.  I have two long strands of pony beads on my keychain that one of my daughter's had strung for me at camp.  He disconnected it from my main ring and spanked me with it.  I didn't like it, not one little bit.  Who would think such small things could hurt so much?!  

Anyway, I think it is time for me to do some more implement shopping.  I'm hoping it will give him something new and curb this obsession with household items.  I know he is interested in a lexan paddle with holes.  I think it would make a nice father's day gift from me to him.  

Funny that three months ago I had to practically twist his arm to try this and now he's the one venturing for new territory.  Go figure. 


  1. Um, "a lexan paddle with holes"??? Unless you are one of those steel bottomed gals...I would seriously rethink that one! There's nothing wrong with leather you know! Sara

  2. Sara - I think I must be...I rarely have marks (and not because Steve isn't swinging hard enough) and the pain/sting usually doesn't last beyond 15 or 20 minutes after the spanking is over. He uses a lexan paddle now for punishment spankings that doesn't have holes. It hurts, so I imagine the one with holes will be harder to tolerate. While fun spankings and maintenance are about perfect for us, punishment is more difficult. Since I seem to have a relatively high threshold for pain, it takes a lot for me to feel disciplined. Steve cannot emotionally tolerate giving a punishment spanking for very long once I am indicating that it is really hurting, so we have discussed using more severe implements so that my bottom and brain get the discipline message more quickly and within his tolerance level. I agree with you on the leather. I love leather! I request the belt or strap for maintenance all the time. I've had my eye on a strap from London Tanners for a while. I've been setting money aside for it so I can buy it for my anniversary weekend. Don't worry if I have an objection to the lexan with holes once we try it then Steve won't use it anymore. That's what happened with switches.

    1. I see you haven't blogged in a really long time so idk if you even do this anymore but I wanted to share something. I'm not sure what position you spank in but I was a lot like you ... My husband would spank me long and hard without a tear. Well that has changed... He now has me crying In less then five swats. The difference is he makes me arch my back and push out my rear ... He then swats me directly on my sit spot ... Between the lack of control and the pain of the swat I just lose it. He makes sure I'm in the right spot because I always move... I thought I was a lost cause of being punished , not anymore!! Lol. Anyway your personalities remind me a lot of us... Maybe you will start blogging again. :)

  3. Yeh, once you let them loose and they figure it're screwed!

  4. OMG....please think the paddle with holes thing through! I thought I wanted one too after reading all the fantasy stories about them, and let me tell you that's EXACTLY what they are...fantasies. That thing HURTS!! Now it is only used for the most severe punishment spankings, which thank goodness, are very rare!! Even then, I can only take a few swats...and I AM a steel-bottomed girl...I agree with Sara...go for the leather! By the way, I broke the wand on our porch curtain the other should have seen the gleam in K's, luckily it was

  5. Kelly - LOL

    K's sweetie- That is exactly what we are looking for something that will only take me a few swats to go "holy crap! I don't want that to happen again!" We thought the cane would do that, but I can tolerate the cane pretty well. Switches were doing the job, but no matter how well Steve worked on them they were leaving small scratches and Steve refused to use them anymore. Like I told Sara, I love leather. It is my material of choice for fun and maintenance, but his belt and our current strap are insufficient for punishment unless he spanks me for a long time. I am also planning to purchase a leather paddle and the strap from London Tanners. Thanks for the concern. I promise if I really can't take it, he will pitch it.

  6. I understand what you are are very brave! Hope you find what you are looking for...and I too "love that leather"!

  7. It's not just the implement but where and how it's used that count.

    Spanking means "slapping the bottom", but in a general sense the slaps or strokes can be delivered in other places. It's important to make sure that they don't occur where they can cause damage. (The "SM 101" book has some good advice on this.)

    Other places that can be punished are the palms of the hands and the insides of the thighs. A sharp slap on the palm with a belt or other strap or with the cane is a very traditional punishment. And I guarantee it hurts, if for no other reason than that you can see the whole thing.

    The insides of your thighs work because they are more sensitive than your butt or the backs of the thighs. In the book "9 1/2 Weeks" the couple goes to a tack shop and he tests one of the crops on the inside of her thigh. It's particularly painful when it's used along the length of the thigh between the knee and the crotch. The command, "Open your legs, I'm going to whip you," should send shivers down your spine.

    You need to stay away from the lower back, joints, and places where bones stick out (especially the tailbone).

    Also, the context of any flagellation makes a lot of difference. This is why I tend to favor more formal punishments (when they are warranted) that include a written confession and request to be punished, corner time, and a written thank you afterward. This also allows me to see if the girl really understands why she's being punished. If I look at her request and it doesn't say clearly what she did that's wrong and deserving of punishment, then I know she isn't getting it, and I will send her back to re-write it.

    So, my advice is to slow down and give it the whole treatment. And, think about not just the implement but where and how it's used. You might not find the perfect implement, but I think you can get the experience you want and need if you consider the bigger picture.

  8. sheesh Rich...please don't talk to my K....:)

  9. Just helping out as best I can.

    (I expected you'd carry the message on to him, like a good girl.)

  10. Rich - I have to agree that it does make a difference in my emotional take on the punishment when we have time to go through the entire formal ritual Steve had established for punishment. Unfortunately with the business and the kids we seemed to be having a harder and harder time fitting it in.

    There is also the element completely separate from punishment in which I'm searching out my limits.

    I don't know about K's sweetie, but I plan on sharing your advice with Steve, like a good girl. ;)

  11. Let us know what you find that works well for you. I know it's hard to make time, so we all have to be creative about it.

    Fortunately, I guess, the biggest part of this world is in the brain. The brain can twist time and space in ways that are impossible in the real world. Handy, when you have to work around kids and other parts of the vanilla environment.

  12. I told Steve what you said. He indicated that he was not comfortable with the inner thigh, but it was food for thought. I have to say that when he spanked me last night for profanity he gave the back of my thighs a lot more attention than usual (normally he sticks to the "cheeks"). I also have to say that does definitely hurt more. I'll think twice before being a messenger again.